Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Picking Adventure

So we had this great idea -- let's go apple picking after church on Sunday! Sounded like a great idea for a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a few other families. And we found out that there were apple orchards within a couple of hours from us....rather than having to drive 3 - 4 hours into the mountains. I printed out directions to Solvang for everyone. Of course, one of our dear friends thought his GPS had a shorter route.

OK -- what the heck, we'll try shorter!

The road started out as two lanes, but as we made our way through the mountain it got more and more narrow. The higher we went the more twisty the road became. At the top it was barely one lane and the pavement totally ended. The road down the other side of the mountain was dirt and more the size of a bike path rather than a road for two large SUVs. You can imagine the looks that we got from mountain bikers, hikers, and dirt bikers!! We made it, though.

The dirt path from the back seat.

Of course, my camera ran out of batteries right after this shot. Our picnic was fun and the apple picking was short and sweet. But we will never forget our journey to get there!! And yes, Paul washed the car as soon as we got home that afternoon.