Monday, February 14, 2011

Chinese New Year

Our first real celebration this year.  
We were too busy with surgeries last year during the new year.
It was fun to put up all the decorations that we brought home with us from China.
I even did the cooking.
I forgot to pull out the camera while we eating, but I got a few pictures before our guests arrived.

The Adult Table

The Kid Table

A Certain Little Girl Has Sparkles In Her Ears

Livi notices everything.  And, she really likes to be matching with Momma and Sarah.
So, it came as no surprise when she was gesturing that she wanted earrings.  
I told her that it would be an "ouchie" and that she needed to ask Daddy.  She went right to Paul, said, "eering," and pointed to each ear and said, "ouch, ouch."
He knew exactly what she was asking for.  
A couple of days later.....