Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Happenings

We had lots of fun discussions at Christmas Time about the "kids table."  Paul and I still remember sitting at that table as a married couple!  The big kids were discouraged hearing that.  Imagining that they might still have more years before they made it to the main table.
You can imagine how delighted they were on New Years Day when Grandma put them in the dining room (there were more of them) and the older adults were in the kitchen.

Quinn went back to DC for a day and then flew back to CA for a Silent Drill Platoon performance at the All-American high school football game at the Home Depot Center in Corona.  
So great to see him perform!

Sarah and I went on a school trip to the Bay Area.  Almost 60 of us at the beautiful Point Montera Lighthouse for five day.  A trip to San Francisco and a two day tournament for Mock Trial.  Sarah got first place for her witness role!!

The girls and I played hookie one day and had a great time at The Happiest Place On Earth!  Livi had not been since she was two.  She loved all the rides.  She even braved the Matterhorn.